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Biggest Causes of Generator Failure


Having a standby generator on your residential or commercial property can be a source of comfort and peace of mind in case of a blackout. But having a faulty generator won’t help much. You need the services of a qualified electrician for proper generator installation. Delton Electric-FL has some of the best electricians in Florida. Here are the biggest causes of generator failure:

Battery Failure

Battery failure is probably one of the biggest causes of generator failure. Battery failure is normally caused by sulfation build-up or loose connections. Sulfation is a situation where lead sulfates build up on the battery plate. Call for generator services as soon as you notice signs of battery failure.

Using the Wrong Fuel

When purchasing a generator, it is important to know what type of fuel is compatible with that specific generator. Using low-quality diesel on your generator can cause major issues. Another problem has to do with old fuel. If your fuel stays in your generator for a long time, it may get contaminated.

Sitting Idle for Too Long

Also known as wet stacking, sitting idle for too long is a leading cause of generator failure. This happens when fuel and soot build up within the engine and the exhaust system making it hard for your generator to run efficiently. The problem can even necessitate a generator replacement if normal repairs fail to restore normal functionality.

Lack of Maintenance

Like any other appliance or machine, your generator needs regular maintenance to operate optimally. Maintenance involves things such as checking coolant levels, changing the filter and oil, fixing any loose wires, and general cleaning of the system. Our expert technicians will conduct generator repair where necessary.

For more than two decades, Deltron Electric-FL has emerged as one of the most trusted electrical companies in Florida. Whether you are looking for Generac generator installation, rewiring, lighting upgrades or any other electrical service, our certified electricians are always on standby to offer the best services.

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