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UPS Installation & Replacement

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Protect Your Business — Even if the Power Goes Out

A UPS, also known as an uninterruptible power supply or uninterruptible power source, provides electricity to your commercial building in the event of a power outage or there’s some sort of interference with your main power source. This system is invaluable for businesses to keep produce at ideal temperatures, POS systems functional, and guests at ease. Contact Deltron Electric today to hire a commercial electrician for a UPS installation or replacement.


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Keep Functionality Intact

An unexpected power outage can lead to loss of data, malfunctioning software, a lapse in food safety compliance, and general anxiety about not being able to see due to lack of lighting. While a UPS system doesn’t keep your business running for hours, it gives you time to respond to a power outage without facing its negative consequences.

One of our commercial electricians can help you find the best option for a UPS unit, as these needs will depend on the type of business being run in the commercial space and how much electricity it uses. Contact our team today to learn more about UPS installation or replacement.

Unexpected Power Outage Repair

A Team That Has Your Back

When it comes to protecting the electrical system of your commercial building or office space, nobody cares quite as much about your satisfaction as Deltron Electric FL. We work to keep you, your employees, and your customers comfortable and happy — even in unideal situations like power failure. Get in touch for any and all of your electrical installation needs.

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