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The Preferred Electrician in Deland, FL

Deltron Electric is the leading electrical company offering comprehensive electrical solutions to residential and commercial properties in Deland, Florida. Having been in the business for more than 20 years, we’ve successfully serviced countless residential properties in The Sunshine State by providing safe and high-quality work. We deal with simple electrical repairs and complex electrical rewiring. Let a skilled, licensed, and insured electrician in Deland, FL, from our team handle all your electrical needs today.

Top-Notch Residential Electrical Services

For all your residential electrical issues, make Deltron Electric your trusted electrical company in Deland, FL. We install, repair, and upgrade all electrical components. Feel free to work with us for safe electrical solutions. Our residential services include:


Electrical Panel Installation

Your electrical panel is critical because it distributes electricity throughout your home. That being the case, you need professional installation to avoid accidents like fires.

Electrical Remodeling

Are you planning to remodel your electric system? Call Deltron Electric to give you a comprehensive quote of what you need for electrical work. We will also help you get a reliable and safe electrical grid that you can rely on.

Electrical Installation

For efficient and proper electrical installations, get it from our knowledgeable, efficiently trained, and licensed team of experts.

Electrical Rewiring

Over time, electrical system replacement may be necessary. The process involves replacing all the wiring in your home and upgrading the equipment. This work can be done perfectly by our professionals at Deltron Electric.

Electric Car Charger Installation

You must install reliable charging stations to keep your electric vehicle powered and ready to drive. Our engineers are best equipped for this job and follow installation regulations.

Electric Outlets & GFCI’S

Safety is always a concern when dealing with electricity. Thanks to GFCIs for reducing the severity of shocks or electrocution. For electric outlets and GFCI services, call our engineers.

Light Switches

Light switches on your walls are crucial devices because they control lighting in your home. Get them adequately fixed by our experts.

Lighting Upgrades

At Deltron Electric, we offer affordable lighting upgrade solutions within your budget.

Motorized Hurricane Shutters

It’s essential to protect your properties during hurricanes and tropical storms. For Motorized hurricane shutters installation, call Deltron Electric technicians.

Ceiling Fan Installation

One of our residential services includes ceiling fan installations and replacements. Whenever you need ceiling fan installation, Contact us to assist you in choosing the correct size.

Meter Base Services

Once you notice a problem with your meter base, contact us immediately to repair or replace it.

Pools and Jacuzzis

Having a pool or a jacuzzi at home can be relaxing and fun. Call us to install the electrical system of your pool or jacuzzi at a reasonable price.

Smoke Detectors

A smoke detector is a fire-protection device that senses smoke or fire. To protect your property from fires, call us for installation.

About Deltron

Your Partner in Every Commercial Electrical Project

Your business operations can stop because of a minor wiring or lighting issue. Call our crew whenever you need help with:


Office Expansions & Electrical Installation

Do you want to expand your business? Call our team for wiring and installation of other vital fixtures.

Commercial LED Lighting Upgrades

To lower your utility bills, you need to have new LED fixtures. We can help you get the best-LED fixtures that can suit your business.

Emergency, Exit, Parking Lot & Site Lighting

Call us today to evaluate your emergency, exit, parking, and site lighting. We will repair, upgrade, or install new fixtures in case of any issues.

Facility Wiring & Service Upgrades

If you need new wiring or upgrades, Deltron Electric’s experts are available for that job.

New, Modern & Historical Construction

Are you constructing a new, modern, or historic building? Let us handle your electrical wiring and lighting installation.

Building Renovations & Uplifts

Deltron Electric provides commercial electrical services for building renovations and improvements.

Light Fixture Installation

You need to install new light fixtures to smarten up your business. Get the best lighting from us and professional installation.

UPS Installation & Replacement

For UPS installation and replacement, call Deltron experts. This will ensure your business will run continuously even if your power grid fails.

Surge Protection

To protect your computer and other electric devices from damage, have surge protection. Call us for installation.

Property Managers

Are you getting overwhelmed with managing your properties? Relax because, at Deltron, we have the best property managers. Hire us to relieve you from this burden.

Generac Generator

Do not allow electricity to inconvenience your business. Have us install a Generac generator to serve you during power blackouts.

Look No Further Than Our Team

Let Deltron Electric provide all the electrical services you need in Deland, FL. Give us a call whenever you have electrical concerns. You may also schedule an appointment by filling out the online form.