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Electrical Panel Replacement

Professional Electrical Panel Replacement in Merritt Island, FL

If you need to upgrade the electrical system at your home or business with a new breaker panel, the staff of Deltron Electric is ready to serve. We bring more than two decades of expertise in electrical panel replacement in Merritt Island, FL, to every project. Our team would love to assist you with this service or any other tasks we’re qualified to handle.

The Many Benefits of an Electric Panel Upgrade

Electrical panel components wear out over time, and this can lead to brown-outs, repeated breaker trips, and even fire hazards if the panel isn’t promptly replaced. A new panel can also provide additional service capacity in the event that your property is modified or expanded. For reliable electric panel upgrades and related projects, entrust the job to our experts.

As is the case with all electrical services, it’s always best to leave the job of a breaker panel replacement in the highly skilled hands of an experienced electrician. Failure to do so may lead to unnecessary risks.

Technician tinkering with an electrical panel Deltona, FL

Signs You Should Have Your Electrical Panel Replaced

An electrical panel has an average lifespan of around 25 years, so our circuit breaker replacement services may be in order if the panel at your property has exceeded this recommended service life. Upgrading your panel may also be a good idea if you’ve noticed dimming lights or find that you’re constantly resetting breakers. Strange noises and burning smells coming from the panel are other trouble signs to watch for.

A Short Guide to Electrical Panel Replacement

The first steps of electrical panel replacement always consist of obtaining the new panel and delivering it to the customer’s home or business. We’ll then temporarily shut off the power, perform the installation services, and give everything a test run after turning the power back on. Our electrical company will also furnish helpful information regarding the new panel and completely clean up after ourselves when the work is through.

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Why Our Local Electrical Company is so Widely Respected

A few of the reasons that we’re leaders when it comes to electrical panel inspection, replacement, and related services in this area are our:

  • Decades of collective expertise
  • Commitment to speedy turnaround
  • Honest, upfront pricing
  • Strong professional work ethic
Professional Generator Removal Services

Have Us Replace Your Outdated Panel

If electrical panel replacement is overdue at your property, call Deltron Electric to book an appointment with a licensed electrician in Merritt Island, FL, right away. Feel free to reach out to our team by filling out the online form.

In addition to our electrical panel replacement service, we excel in other key areas such as electrical panel installation, electric car charger installation, and generator installation. We are your trusted experts for a wide range of electrical solutions in Merritt Island, FL.