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Building Renovations & Uplifts

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Your building renovations are meant to improve your building and the experience that people have when they work there or visit. In order for those to go smoothly, it’s important to hire the right team of commercial electricians to make sure all electrical installations and upgrades are performed properly. Contact Deltron Electric FL if you’re renovating a building in Central Florida and you’re in need of electrical services.

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Expertly Planned Electrical Installations

When it comes to building renovations and upfits, there’s an existing infrastructure that must be considered before jumping in with new installations. When you’re looking for a team of commercial electricians with experience in electrical installations for building renovations and upfits, trust Deltron Electric FL.

Our licensed and experienced electricians perform an inspection of the current electrical system so we know what we’re working with before we ever get started. This helps us proactively address any issues before you’re without power to the building.

Once we have a plan, our team expertly performs electrical installations and upgrades fittings to make sure you’re using only the best technology to power your building and conserve energy. Contact our team today to get started.

Building Renovation Electrical Installations Plan

What is Uplifting?

When undergoing renovations, your building may be a great candidate for upfitting light fixtures, switches, and outlets. This means that, instead of having to update the entire building’s wiring system, each individual fitting can be updated to improve energy efficiency.

While old wiring may need to be replaced for the safety of the building, upfitting is a great option for buildings that have an adequate electrical system but just need more advanced fixtures. Remember, working on electrical components without the proper experience — even if you’re upfitting a fixture — can be dangerous. For an accurate assessment of your current electrical system and for quality electrical installations, contact a professional and experienced commercial electrician. Contact Deltron Electric FL to find out of your building could benefit from a few electrical upfits.

Electrician Upfitting Light Fixtures

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