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Meter Base Services

What is a Meter Base?

A meter base is an enclosure that protects an electric meter from the elements, keeping wires and electrical connections dry. It is usually outside. It is placed between the utility company’s wires and your home’s electrical system. The local power company utilizes and provides the electric meter inside the base, and the homeowner has responsibility for all equipment attached. The utility has the responsibility for supplying power up to the point of attachment. The meter calculates the amount of electricity that passes through it.


Electrical Panel Upgrade

Meter Bases Don’t Have to be Replaced Very Often, But Do On Occasion.

The following are reasons why a meter base may need replaced:

  • The most common reason is it’s outdated and no longer up to building and safety codes.

  • You may also need one at the same time you receive an electrical panel upgrade or if you renovate your home.

  • A less common reason is that the meter base has been damaged somehow. Weather can damage meter boxes.

  • If a permit is pulled with a city for other electrical work being performed at the home, the city may require that the meter base be brought up to current code as well.

  • When upgrading the electrical panel in the home, it may be necessary to replace the meter base as well.

Meter base problems are more than an inconvenience. Faulty wiring can create a fire hazard. Treat it as an emergency. Also, call us if the meter base gets hot to the touch.

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