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Commercial Electrical Services in Central Florida

Do You Need a Professional Electrician for Your Commercial Building?

Whether you’re a small office, a busy retail store, or have a multi-story building, your business’s electrical system has a direct impact on your daily operations. Deltron understands the importance of having a professional licensed electrician that can consistently deliver quality electrical services that will allow your business’s electrical systems to run safely and efficiently.

We stand behind the quality of our work and are dedicated to providing the best commercial electrician services in Central Florida.

When you choose to hire Deltron Electric FL, you prioritize safety and ensure the job gets done right the first time. We can tell when your electrical system needs just a quick fix and when it’s a symptom of a larger issue. Only a professional electrician can tell the difference between a small issue and a potentially dangerous electrical problem. Choose Deltron for your commercial electrical company in FL to get to the bottom of your electrical issues and deliver the most cost-effective options.

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We Can Care for Your Business’ Electrical Systems

Deltron is an unlimited state licensed electrical contractor for the state of Florida. We offer our customers a wide variety of services in any area of high or low voltage electrical systems. Our Florida license enables us to work in any county or municipality within the state.

The commercial electrician services we can provide for your Central Florida location include:

  • New, modern and historic construction: No matter your building’s age, Deltron has experienced professionals ready to help you with your construction projects. We’re committed to updating your building’s lighting while preserving its architectural aesthetic, so even the oldest historic buildings can maintain their signature style while getting an energy-efficient upgrade.
  • Building renovations and upfits: Our professional commercial electricians will keep your renovation running smoothly and quickly identify any problems in the old electrical system. Our electricians will evaluate and consider the existing infrastructure of your building to find energy-efficient renovation solutions.
  • Installing light fixtures: Make sure every room has the right lighting and ambiance with lighting fixture installation. Our commercial electricians will fit and install your light fixtures as well as inspect and update any wiring.
  • Facility wiring and service upgrades: Replacing and upgrading old wiring will keep your business electrical systems safe and working for years to come. Stop short-circuiting and fire hazards in their tracks with an electrical system upgrade from one of our licensed commercial electricians.
  • Office expansion and installation: Expanding your office is an exciting growth opportunity. Ensure your office’s new lights are energy and cost-efficient with Deltron Electric. Our electricians will make sure that your new electrical system works seamlessly with the old.
  • Lighting LED upgrades: Implementing LED lighting upgrades into your business is one of the most energy and cost-efficient moves your business can make. The higher lumens and lower voltage mean that your business can shine brighter and save money. Deltron Electric is here to help your business upgrade to LED.
  • Emergency, exit, parking lot and site lighting: Exterior and emergency lighting are crucial to keeping your business’ employees and clients safe. Deltron commercial electricians in Central Florida can help you add more outdoor lighting to your business facility. More exterior light means better visibility, decreased risk of criminal activity and a safer environment for employees and clients.
  • UPS installation and replacement: Nothing can lose you more time than a power outage. With an uninterruptible power source (UPS), you can keep serving your customers no matter what the weather is like. UPS systems are ideal for foodservice and keeping POS systems up and running.
  • Surge protection: With surge protection, you won’t have to worry about your electrical systems shorting out. Surge protection systems will protect your business from losing vital information and data on your computer systems and keep them working through any power outage.

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