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Electrical Panel Installation

The Trusted Local Team for Electric Panel Installation in Rockledge, FL

When you need help with electrical panel work at your Rockledge-area property, Deltron Electric is the only name to know. Our well-regarded team has been meeting and exceeding the expectations of local property owners for more than 20 years. We’re equally pleased to offer electrical panel installation in Rockledge, FL among our many service specialties.

The Advantages of Hiring a Professional Electrician

Due to the potential hazards that accompany second-rate electrical services, your property’s new or replacement panel should only be installed by a competent, fully licensed electrician in Rockledge, FL. Our personnel is backed by decades of relevant installation expertise, and you can be certain that your project will be handled in line with current industry standards when you put your trust in us.

An Explanation of Electrical Panel Types

Some older structures in this area may still be equipped with old-fashioned fuse boxes, but new electrical panel breaker boxes are now the modern standard for homes and businesses. It pays to consult our electrical company first. After all, most residential properties feature a main breaker panel that may be connected to one or more subpanels.

Commercial panel systems are generally more complex than residential systems depending on the kind of business entities that they serve. Our extensive electrical panel repair, maintenance, and installation know-how allows us to work on all these types of panels.

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Our Focused Approach to Panel and Circuit Breaker Installation

When tackling a circuit breaker installation job, we start by choosing a product that’s sized correctly for the type and layout of the property. We then install the new panel in line with manufacturer and industry specifications and make certain that everything functions properly before departing for our next project.

We also provide follow-up services. These include comprehensive electrical panel maintenance work on all the products that we install.

Why Hire Our Skilled Crew?

By picking us to furnish professional panel box installation at your home or commercial property, you’ll get the benefit of the following courtesy of our electrical company:

  • Honest, upfront pricing
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Detail-oriented workmanship
  • Two-year guarantee on the workmanship
  • Prompt, efficient services
  • Licensed and certified team

We provide a range of top-quality electrical services, including electric car charger installation, electrical panel replacement, and generator installation.

Deltron Electric Company

Let’s Get Started on Your Electrical Panel Installation

Give Deltron Electric a call to request an appointment for electrical panel installation in Rockledge, FL. We’ll answer all your questions by phone and schedule your initial consultation right away.