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Top-Rated Quality Work From The Top Local Electrician In Mims, FL

Electricity is the direct lifeline of homes and businesses. It powers daily lives and business operations. Any disruptions resulting in its loss can also disrupt these two sectors and stop important activities. Make sure to rely on the professionals who will step in and take care of things. Deltron Electric handles the services you need from a local electrician in Mims, FL.

We are the local authority with skilled and licensed electricians. Deltron Electric has extensive experience in the different aspects of electrical services. We also employ trustworthy technicians with good character. They undergo a thorough background check aside from their expertise confirmed and tested.

Locally Trusted, Reliable Residential Electrical Services

You can rely on Deltron Electric for general and specialist jobs. From simple installations and new electrical panel upgrades to bigger electrical projects, we handle them with professionalism and quality work. You can entrust it to the real pros. Save our number and keep it handy for upcoming electrical installations, replacements, and upgrades.

Electrical Panel Installations

We will do an electrical panel installation for new homes and replace existing ones for upgrades and replacements.

Electrical Remodeling

We will complete your home remodeling with the most up-to-date electrical system upgrades.

Electrical Installations

Rest assured that you’ll receive quality new electrical panel components and first-rate workmanship when you choose us for an electrical installation project.

Electrical Rewiring

We are experts at rewiring which will improve older systems and electrical performance.

Electric Car Charger Installations

We will install car chargers in the area most convenient for your home or business and work purposes.

Electric Outlets & GFCIs (Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter)

We install new electrical outlets and GFCIs for both new and old residences for replacements or new installations.

Light Switches

We handle all types of light switches for your homes and businesses. This is one of our specializations.

Lighting Upgrades

You can trust in our lighting upgrades for your homes and businesses. Upgrades improve lighting quality and placement.

Motorized Hurricane Shutters

We install motorized hurricane shutters for extreme tropical weather seasons. These shutters give advanced protection for your home.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans add space-saving features for your home and business aside from their reliable cooling functions.

Meter Base Services

We also specialize in high-quality meter base repairs, maintenance, and installations. Get solid protection for your meters.

Pools and Jacuzzis

We also specialize in pool and jacuzzi electrical wiring work. You can rely on our experts for a high-quality job.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are important devices for many homes and businesses. We handle all major brands.

Commercial Electrical Solutions Specialization

We are a commercial electrical company as well. Among the many electrical services in the commercial sector that we handle include

Office Expansions & Electrical Installations

Your offices need licensed electrical experts for specific commercial and business electrical work. We handle installation and office expansion electrical jobs.

Commercial LED Lighting Upgrades

We work on upgrading your work or business lights to commercial LED lights. This translates to energy savings and improved lighting.

Emergency, Exit, Parking Lot & Site Lighting

Lighting for emergency facilities, parking lots, exit areas, and other sites needs our expert services.

Facility Wiring & Service Upgrades

We will handle wiring work and upgrades for your commercial facilities. For these specific needs, you need our specialization.

New, Modern & Historical Construction

Deltron Electric can also do all types of electrical work for new and old construction projects. We accept work for new modern types and historical structures.

Building Renovations & Uplifts

We are also experts in large-scale electrical projects such as buildings and uplifts. Our licensed electrical specialists will handle them just the same.

Light Fixture Installations

Our specialization in commercial electricals includes light fixtures for commercial use. It is part of an electrical service package as a main feature.

UPS Installation & Replacement

An uninterrupted power supply provides continuous electricity for homes and businesses. No electrical disruptions can affect daily operations when we install it.

Surge Protection

We install surge protection devices to keep your appliances, equipment, and machines from power surges. This will keep them in working order.

Generac Generators

We specialize in Generac generators. Deltron Electric installs and maintains these devices for both commercial and residential use.

Get in touch with us today for more details on this comprehensive list of electrical services that we carry. Aside from all major electricals, we also do property management electrical services. Avail of our expert services at competitive prices. We are the local trusted electrical specialists for the Mims, FL areas. You can contact us for expert residential and commercial electrical work. We cover all major electrical services and devices.

New Generator Installation

Our Commitment

Deltron Electric keeps industry quality standards and commercial service guidelines. that we follow in our daily operations:

  • On-time quick response
  • Competitive and transparent pricing
  • High-quality, industry-grade products
  • Professionalism and Quality
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
Technician inspecting an electrical panel

Leave the Job to the Local Experts

Deltron Electric follows these commitments for professional electrical services with reasonable pricing. We follow flat, fair rates and we also provide financing options. We want to make it easy to afford quality and long-term electrical solutions. Entrust them to the real pros only. Schedule an appointment with our team through our online form. You can trust the local authority in all residential and commercial electrical needs. You’ll need our extensive expertise to get them done right.