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Safe and Efficient Electrical Rewiring

A key component of optimal home safety is ensuring your electrical wiring is in good condition. There are more than 25,000 home electrical fires each year; however, this number can be greatly reduced with routine electrical inspections. Completed every five years, electrical services like inspections will ensure any problems can be repaired or updated as needed. At Deltron Electric, our team of highly trained master electricians is here to help with all of your electrical rewiring needs.


Electrical Home Wiring

Eight Signs You Should Consider Electrical Rewiring

Take a look at these eight signs to help you determine if it’s time for electrical rewiring:

  • Recurring blown fuses or tripped breakers: An electrical breaker’s job is to turn off the electrical system of your home when something goes wrong to prevent electrical fires. Tripped breakers could mean your circuits are overloaded, shorting or subject to a ground fault. Our electricians can determine the cause of your blown fuses and breakers and help you replace the affected wires and find the source of the error.
  • Dimming or flickering lights: Flickering lights can be the sign of an overloaded circuit that wasn’t designed to sustain the power you need. However, flickering lights could also be caused by everything from fluctuating electrical voltage to aging wires. Considering that electrical wiring issues cause 67% of home fires, it’s essential to replace your old wiring as soon as possible.
  • Discolored or hot-to-the-touch switch plates, outlets, or cords: Light switch plates that are hot to the touch are a sign that your wiring needs to be replaced immediately. Hot switch plates can be caused by faulty wiring, bad installation or the wire carrying more amps than it should. Regardless of why your light switch plates are hot, you should get your wiring replaced by a certified electrician.
  • Lightbulbs that frequently burn out: If your lightbulbs burn out frequently, your wires likely carry more than the appropriate voltage for their bulb. First, make sure your bulbs are the right wattage for the lamps you’re using, and if the problem persists, call an electrician and see what can be done to rectify the problem.
  • Buzzing sounds: If you hear a buzzing or loud hum coming from your appliances or inside your walls, you may have an overloaded wire, loose wire or improperly grounded wire. Whenever you hear a loud buzzing, turn off your electricity right away, as buzzing could be a symptom of a potential fire hazard. If your circuit breaker ever starts making a large hum, turn it off right away and contact a certified electrician. Never mess around with buzzing electricity by yourself.
  • A burning smell: When you get a whiff of something burning, it’s time to turn off your circuit breaker and contact an electrician — or even the fire department — immediately. A burning smell is an indication of an improperly installed outlet, damaged wires or an overloaded circuit. Try to detect where the burning smell is coming from and then contact a certified electrician at Deltron Electric FL right away.
  • Loose outlets: If your electrical outlets are loose, that’s a sign they’re connected to an electrical box located too far away from the outlet. When the outlet and the electrical box are too far away, wires can become damaged and disconnected.
  • Electrical shock when you plug in or touch a cord: Electrical cords become dangerous when they’re unstable or damaged. Over time, electrical shocks can cause burn marks and cracks on your outlets and appliances and seriously harm your family. Minimize shock risk by having your home rewired by a professional electrician.

If you’ve been in your home for more than five years or if you’re unsure of the last time an electrical inspection was completed, contact our team at Deltron Electric for home rewiring services. We can help determine if electrical rewiring is needed. You can count on our team to consider the safety of your home as our highest priority.

Contact us today to learn more about our electrical rewiring services and request a home rewiring estimate in Florida.

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