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Electric Outlets & GFCI’S

What Is a GFCI?

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) can help prevent electrocution. If someone starts to receive a shock, the GFCI is designed to cut off the power before an injury can occur.

GFCIs are typically installed where electrical circuits may accidentally come into contact with water. They are most often found in kitchens, laundry or bathrooms, or even out-of-doors or in the garage where electric power tools might be used.

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Why Should I Have GFCI’S In My House?

  • Keep you Safe – GFCI can protect you and your loved ones from electrical shock and fires.

  • Keep up with Technology – As time passes, technology gets better. Keep your home up to date.

  • Be able to Sell – Home inspectors typically require that GFCIs be installed in areas that are required by NEC code before a home is sold or bought. By getting your home up to code sooner than later, it can save time, money, and potential incidents in the future.

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