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Surge Protection

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Defend Yourself Against the Unpredictable

As a business owner, it’s important to anticipate emergency situations like power outages — whether they’re caused by a forecasted storm or an unexpected electrical issue. Oftentimes, these outages are caused because a circuit is overloaded by power and triggers the circuit breaker. When this happens, surge protection prevents the system from overloading in the first place. Learn how a commercial electrician can install surge protection at your business by contacting Deltron Electic FL today.


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About Deltron

Prevent Damage 

It’s important to have surge protection for your commercial building because large power surges can cause significant damage. Even low-level power surges can cause electronic rust, which degrades the circuitry of your appliances over time. Large power surges, on the other hand, can melt plastic and metal parts while trying the overloaded circuits.

Without surge protection, you could actually be experiencing several surges a day without even realizing it. This creates the need for regular electrical maintenance or device and appliance replacement. Only an experienced commercial electrician can identify the cause and implement an effective solution that protects your business and your property.

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An Effective, Affordable Solution

If you’re having electrical problems, the solution may require more extensive services such as rewiring or upgrading your system with new electrical installations. However, if you don’t have surge protection, this may be what you need to prevent outages caused by power surges.

Store-bought surge protectors can only help so much. If you run a business, you’ll need a heftier protection system because of the amount of electricity required to power your commercial space. Contact our team today to discuss affordable, reliable options for commercial surge protection.

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