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Electric Car Charger Installation

The No. 1 Choice for Electric Car Charger Installation in Cocoa Beach, FL

Deltron Electric is the company to trust for electric car charger installation in Cocoa Beach, FL. Whether you have a Tesla, a Rivian, or one of the other numerous available electric or hybrid automobile models, our locally-based team can supply you with a convenient charging station at your home or business. We aim to keep your EV powered up for all your travels.

EV Charger Installation Benefits You In Different Ways

As is the case with all residential and commercial electrical devices, an electric vehicle charger should only be installed and set up by a skilled electrician in Cocoa Beach, FL. Improper installation might result in the premature failure of the charger. Moreover, it could even cause a shock or fire hazard that impacts property, health, and life.

The next time you are planning an EV charger installation, entrust the job to a licensed crew. The Deltron Electric team not only undergoes a thorough background check and drug testing; we all have to delve into hours of training.

The Types of EV Chargers to Pick From

Level one EV chargers operate using a standard wall outlet while level two chargers utilize a 240-volt outlet. Level three fast charging systems rely on special components to achieve speedier charging rates than level one and level two chargers. Our EV charging station installation services cover all three types of chargers.

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Our Proven Approach to EV Home Charger Installation

Whether we’re being hired to provide first-time charger installation services or EV charger replacement at your property, you can depend on us to assist you in choosing the product that best suits your needs. We’ll then install the new or replacement charger in an easily accessible spot and show you how everything works.

Complete post-project clean-up of our work area is also included in every EV home charger installation service we conduct. We make sure that you will be completely satisfied with the work we do.

Reasons to Count on Our Established Electrical Company

Our dedicated crew is equally capable of providing EV charger maintenance in addition to initial charger installation. We’re also pleased to match our professional skill set by offering:

  • Accommodating scheduling
  • Affordable rates
  • Attention to detail
  • A total satisfaction guarantee
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Get in Touch With The EV Charging Station Specialists

The next time you need an electrical company in Cocoa Beach to install a new electric vehicle charger or furnish related products or services, the team at Deltron Electric is ready to oblige. Call us or fill out our online form to request an appointment today.

Our team does more than just electric car charger installation in Cocoa Beach, FL. We can also work on: