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Facility Wiring & Service Upgrades

Cover all the Bases When Upgrading Your Electrical

New light fixture installations and better electrical systems only work as well as the wiring that’s hooked up to them. If you need to upgrade the wiring or other electrical functions in your Central Florida office building or commercial space, trust a commercial electrician that knows how to safely perform electrical installations and upgrades, along with your new light fixtures and technology. Contact Deltron Electric FL to learn more about facility wiring and upgrade services.

Why is wiring replacement important?

  • It prevents short-circuiting older wiring.
  • It eliminates fire hazards associated with overpowered electrical systems.
  • It ensures that your lighting and electricity operate at their highest potential.
New light fixture installations

Wiring Tailored to Your Business’ Specialty

With different technology comes the need for different wiring systems to ensure that each piece of equipment works as efficiently as it should. At Deltron Electric FL, we know that you may need electricity to power a variety of appliances, light fixtures, and equipment. From commercial HVAC systems to surround-sound stereo systems to ambient lighting — each of these requires an adequate amount of power without shorting out.

We offer facility wiring to ensure your electrical installations work properly and efficiently to make your commercial space more comfortable while saving you in unnecessary energy expenses. Contact our team to talk about your electrical needs.

Wiring Systems Electrical Installation

Service Upgrades for Efficient Systems

Most of what keeps your business running relies on electricity to function properly. If you’re experiencing issues, it may be time to upgrade the system. We offer a variety of service upgrades, including wiring, surge protection, light fixture installation, LED lighting upgrades, and more. Contact us today to learn how a few electrical upgrades can improve the efficiency of your office building.

Electrical Upgrades
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