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Electric Car Charger Installation

You Deserve Only the Best in Electric Car Charger Installation in Melbourne, FL

Having a dedicated vehicle charging station at your home or business definitely improves the convenience of owning an electric car, truck, or SUV. We here at Deltron Electric specialize in electric car charger installation in Melbourne, FL, and beyond. We look forward to having the opportunity to handle this critical service for you.


Considering an EV Charger Installation? Only A Professional Will Do

Improper installation of any residential or commercial electrical component can lead to breaker trips, electric shocks, fire hazards, or all of the above. An EV charger also needs to operate reliably so that it’s always ready to power up vehicles for commuting, errands, family transportation, road trips, and more. For these reasons, your EV charging station installation project should only be entrusted to our skilled and licensed personnel.

The Types of Chargers We Install

We’re qualified to install Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 chargers that offer varying charging speeds and energy consumption rates. Deltron Electric is among the few to be named COIL Certified Install Partners, which assures you that we are trusted professionals who can guarantee EV home charger installation that’s done to the highest standards.

We also provide EV charger replacement and upgrades. This is applicable in case you ever purchase a subsequent electric vehicle and find that it won’t work with an existing charger at your location.

You may also consult our electrical company when in need of:

As COIL Certified Install Partners, We’re Trusted Professionals Guaranteeing EV Charger Installations Done to the Highest Standards.

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The EV Home Charger Installation Process

We’ll start off your EV charger installation project by helping you select a charging unit and pick a suitable installation location in the garage or on the exterior of your structure. Our personnel will then temporarily turn off the power, install the new charger, and restore electrical service to your property. We’ll wrap up by offering you relevant information and helpful tips on getting the most out of your new charging station before we depart.

Why Choose Our Company to Install Your New EV Charger?

When you put your trust in our EV charger maintenance, installation, and repair experts, you can expect to receive:

  • Quality products
  • Reliable service
  • Attentive customer care
  • Honest, upfront pricing
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Charge Up Your EV Without Worry By Calling Us Today

Don’t hesitate to give an electrician in Melbourne, FL, from Deltron Electric a call for more details on electric car charger installations. Call our team or fill out the online form to consult us today.