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Electrical Panel Services

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What is an Electrical Panel?

The panel has many different names: fuse box, breaker box, junction box, electric board, breaker board, or service box. All the words are the same. Deltron refers to these terms as the “panel.”

About Deltron

Where Do I Find the Electrical Panel?

Look for the metal box that is flushed into the wall. The panel can be in a variety of different places depending when your home was built. In a new home, it’s typically in a garage. For an older home, it is typically located in a utility room or closet. If you live in a condo or apartment, it can be located in the hallway. A recommended practice is to keep the area easily accessible, with at least 3ft of clearance around it. You always want to know the location of the electric panel and know how to operate it in case of an emergency.


About Deltron

A great electric panel is a safe panel that protects you and your house from damages and hazards.

Sometimes electric panel repairs need to be made right away, sometimes it can wait a while, and other times it may just be a future project down the road. Deltron’s master electricians are trained to look over your home and educate you about the safety of your home’s electrical system. Sometimes a home may need a lot of electrical work, other times it may be in excellent condition. Your local Deltron electrician will make sure that you are informed of the condition of your home’s electrical system.

Does this sound like a lot of work? It is, but it’s something we will do for you — for FREE! You can count on Deltron to provide over and above service!

Your Panel May Need Replacing if Any of the Following Apply:

  • It’s older than 20 years. If you’re unsure of the electric panel’s age, it’s usually the same age as your home.

  • The lights dim or flicker any time a major appliance comes on (such as a refrigerator or air conditioner).

  • The electric panel ever feels hot to the touch.

  • There is corrosion visible anywhere on the electric panel or panel cover.

  • Several different brands of breakers are installed. Look for different colors or manufacturer labels.

  • Rusting has occurred or is visible anywhere in the electric panel.

  • When adding on to your house, your need for electricity will increase. You will need to find out if you need a new electrical panel, subpanel, or both.

  • If you are using multiple power strips in your home, you are also using more electricity. You should assess your electrical system and make sure that it is equipped to handle your electrical needs.

  • If the electric panel is a Federal Pacific, Zinsco, I-T-E Pushmatic, or GTE/Sylvania brand, we recommend an immediate electric panel replacement for the safety of your home and family. These brands have been off the market for years because of serious safety issues.

An electric panel replacement is also generally recommended for “split-buss” electrical panels that were popular in the 1960s and 1970s. Instead of having one circuit breaker to shut down the whole panel if necessary, the split-buss panel has up to six main breakers. Our 21st-century lifestyles, with multiple TVs, computers, refrigerators and other electronics have made these electric panels obsolete and often subject to overload, power outages, as well as reliability and safety issues.

Always be careful around any electrical panel. Never attempt to take the cover off for any reason without a licensed electrician present!

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