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Light Fixture Installation

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Get Professional Light Fixture Installation

When you work with Deltron Electric FL to have light fixtures installed in your commercial buildings, you’re trusting years of experience of inspecting wiring, installing fixtures, and making sure that each and every room has the perfect ambience. Contact our team of commercial electricians today to schedule an appointment for light fixture installation.

Our commercial electricians offer electrical services like:

  • Light fixture installation

  • Light fixture fitting installation

  • Electrical wire inspections

  • Electrical wire updates

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Things to Know About Commercial Light Fixture Installation

Before having light fixtures installed in your building, it’s important to understand the basics of the process, like how much it will cost, how long it will take, whether you can install them or hire a commercial electrician to do it, and the best types of light fixtures to have installed. Find all the answers to these questions from Deltron Electric FL.

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How Much Does Light Fixture Installation Cost?

The cost of installing light fixtures depends on a few factors:

  • The type of light fixtures you want to install

  • The current condition of your electrical wiring

  • How many light fixtures need to be installed

  • Where you want to have the light fixtures installed

For the most accurate estimate on how much it will cost to install light fixtures in your commercial building, contact Deltron Electric FL to schedule a quote.


How Much Time Does a Light Fixture Installation Take?

Similar to the price of installation, the time it takes to install your light fixtures depends on a few variables. If you have several fixtures that need to be installed, the job can take several hours. If fixtures are being installed in difficult locations, such as high or vaulted ceilings, this will also add time to the project.

Wiring and access to electrical panels also affects the timeline of an installation project. If wires need to be updated or installed, if panels are difficult to access, and if you need additional switches or fitting installed, it will add time to the project.

If all goes smoothly, each light fixture takes about an hour or two to install. Be sure to account for other factors though when communicating with your commercial electrician about your installation needs.

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Can I Install Light Fixtures Myself?

Unless you have previous experience working with electrical systems and lighting, it’s best to leave the light fixture installation to the professionals.

Especially for a commercial job where there’s more wiring and lighting that needs to be accounted for, you should hire a commercial electrician with experience and expertise in the field. They’ll ensure that the job is completed correctly and safely.

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What Type of Light Fixture Is the Best for Commercial Buildings?

The best type of light fixtures depends on what the commercial space is going to be used for.

Overhead lighting, track lighting, and recessed lighting are great for brightening up large areas of space. These style of fixtures will require several fittings to be installed, as well as additional wiring if a system isn’t already installed.

For accent lighting, you can opt for wall fixtures and sconces. These fixtures aren’t as bright, but the softer light can create a more intimate setting for guests or customers.

If you’re not sure what type of lighting would be best for your building’s space, you can always consult with a commercial electrician to find the right lighting options for you.

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If you’re in need of new light fixtures for your Central Florida commercial space, contact Deltron Electric FL. We are here to help with everything you need for electrical services and lighting.

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